Are you a business looking for temporary or permanent employees to fill a gap or cover a busy period? Are you looking for professional or skilled workers to help your business progress to the next step?

Meet the Management

Patrick is one of the founding directors of CRG. Patrick has managed NSW since day 1 and now also oversees VIC operations.

After years of building the business, Patrick knows everyone and anyone who fits your needs.

Whether you are an employer or a worker, Patrick's years in the industry will give you the best chance at gaining what you need.

Use the relationships Patrick has built with all parties to your benefit, contact him today!

About CRG

Avoid unfair dismissal claims, the ever-increasing red tape of employment with liability and taxation and simplify the process to a simple invoice! Are you a casual or part-time employee and interested in getting work or perhaps extra work? Whatever your employment needs, whether you are looking for employees or you are looking for employment, Chambers Recruiting Group has the solution for you!

Chambers Recruiting Group (CRGroup) is a relevant, dynamic and innovative recruiting agency committed to providing excellent employment solutions to local businesses in a range of industries. CRGroup has innovated a system that is effective and efficient in matching our outstanding candidates to our business clients’ needs to ensure productivity. We are an approved and licensed Labour Hire and Recruitment company and are committed to ensuring that our recruiting practices and methods are constantly at the highest quality. By choosing CRGroup for all your employment needs you are guaranteed a step forward in solving your employment needs

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