Wes Chambers – Director – Construction Industry Specialist
Bio: Wesley is a self made business man. Never going by the norms of society Wes has always had a strategic and innovative mind. From age of 17 Wes has started up businesses and organisations here locally on the Sunshine Coast. Wes’s background is one of plenty of experience at a relatively young age, starting a construction company after his completion of a carpentry apprenticeship. Wes’s skills is in the business and economic know how. Although never going to uni to do business, Wes has a proven track record of entrepreneurship and leadership skills. Wes has a high drive and passion in all that he does. This shows in the organisations and volunteering Wes gets involved in. Wesley has played a very innovative and pioneering role in bringing his vision and passion into CRGroup. .
Patrick Henley – Director – Retail & Hospitality Industry Specialist
Bio: Patrick is a dedicated and passionate part of the CRGroup team. Over the past 7 years Patrick has been accumulating a wealth of experience in a variety of different industries including sales, marketing, engineering and people management/leadership. Whilst gaining experience in these industries he has also completed university degrees at the University of Queensland and Malyon College in Brisbane including an Associate Diploma in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. Additionally, he has extensive successful experience in leading large teams of volunteers in non-profit organisations. One of Patrick’s greatest passions in life is to see people thrive and live successful, holistic and meaningful lives. He understands the crucial nature that business and employment plays in the life of the individual. Thus, his expertise and contribution to CRGroup is highly valued and a significant part of CRGroup.
Samuel Chambers – Recruitment Consultant – Labour Hire Specialist
Bio: Coming soon.
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