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3 Things to look for when Hiring Retail Staff

3 Things to look for when Hiring Retail Staff In the Retail Industry, there is generally a high turnover rate of staff. Partly due to the seasonal increase and decrease in business, brought on by the holiday seasons. But also due to the fact that a lot of employers in the Industry do not put their employees through any form of screening or vetting process. Meaning that the experience is usually disappointing for you, the Employer, and very short lived for the Employee. In no small way out of their own doing. So if you are currently considering Hiring Retail Staff for your business. These 3 tips will make all the difference. #1 Do they have REFERENCED experience? As every employer is aware. Prior knowledge in your industry will always be of benefit. Processes and expectations are very similar for most retail businesses. These skills can be utilised for your business. Unfortunately, it can be quite hard to verify your applicant's claims of experience. But cutting corners…

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