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At CRGroup we are dedicated to providing exceptional employment solutions for all. Whether you are looking for temporary or permanent employees, contact us today.

Temporary Labour Hire

Are you in need of an employee at short notice? Have you got a big contract or a busy period coming up and want to quickly be covered with great workers skilled in your industry? We provide labour hire solutions for businesses locally on the Sunshine Coast and beyond.

Permanent Employment Recruitment

Are you tired of the hassle of putting on employees? The red tape can be frustrating, expensive and time consuming! We take care of the entire process of sourcing, shortlisting, screening, interviewing and recommending candidates for you.

Apprenticeships /Traineeships

Putting on an apprentice/trainee can be a productive business decision. But it often can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. We make putting on your apprentice/trainee effective and simple.

Why Choose Us?

Our highest goal is to see your business flourishing and to provide you with the best candidates so you don’t have to worry about this. Therefore, CRGroup utilises our innovative match-making recruiting systems to ensure you have the best people in your business.
Employing people is the pathway to success for every business. The only downside is that it can be quite frustrating! An employee calls up sick and you have to find a replacement. An employee needs to have some extra time off. You have a big contract or busy period coming up but don't want the hassle of committing to extra staff.
As you would know, employing people can be a risky and tough process. By utilising CRGroup's excellent labour hire services you are giving your business the best way to succeed without the commitment straight away to a long term employee. The great news is that once you are happy with your ideal candidate you have the option of taking over their contract.
We believe that great business begins and ends with great people. Not only do we pride ourselves on excellent results by offering excellent candidates, we work hard to deliver authentic and relational service. It's the little things that make the difference! Help us help you today by getting in touch with you. We would love to personally shout you a coffee and discuss how we can help you and your business thrive.
We know that having the right people is crucial to your business. What kind of employee are you looking for? What types of qualities, skills, qualifications or abilities are you looking for in your employees? We love to meet face-to-face with all of our clients to really get to know the kinds of needs and requirements you have in your business. Don't settle for just anyone, get your ideal candidate with CRGroup!
At CRGroup we believe in providing excellent service that delivers exceptional results for your business. We also believe strongly in the power of accountability and constantly improving our services. This is why we are a RCSA Corporate Member and participate regularly to ensure our practices and methods are constantly improving.
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