Looking For Labour Hire on the Sunshine Coast for your Business?

Labour Hire Sunshine Coast

Lots of different industries rely heavily on the labour hire industry. Especially in construction where there is a massive shortage of skilled workers for new and ongoing projects.

If you’re using a labour hire company for the first time. You will quite possibly have some reservations about outsourcing your labour initially.  What you will find in fact, is that the benefits of labour hire far outweigh any concerns you may have.


  1. The most common reason to use labour hire company is to ensure you have adequate trades people to complete your project on time. To the quality and standard that you can feel confident will comply with industry standards.
  2. Using a labour hire company allows you to divert your own resources to other areas of the business. Saving money through reduced recruitment costs. It not only saves time and money initially but there is less likelihood of downtime when you hire through a professional agency. Your project manager can focus on more important tasks to complete the project on time.
  3. If you have a project that must be completed and one of your workers is injured, sick or away on leave. Then you can confidently and easily fill the temporary position. With a casual worker from a labour hire agency with the specific skills you require.
  4. There may be times when your company requires a specialist trade skill that your current crew are not experienced or licensed to do. You can be assured that a labour hire company will take responsibility for ensuring that the person you hire has the necessary skills and qualifications required to complete the work.
  5. Some companies need a flexible workforce that can cope with changes in demand for its services. By using labour hire they can expand their workforce to suit periods of high demand. As well as gaining access to the specialist skills of the staff resources within that your Labour Hire company. You also get access to a vast database of workers with the right skills for your job.

How to Choose the Right Labour Hire Company

With such a high demand for skilled workers. You will find a long list of potential labour hire companies to hire your workforce from. But what should you be looking for in a labour hire agency?

If you have used a labour hire company, then you will know not all are created equal. To help you to choose the best company for your requirements. We’ve created a brief guide to help you choose a company that will supply the best solution for your labour hire needs and keep you coming back for their services.

What Makes a Quality Labour Hire Company?

A quality labour hire company such as Chambers Recruiting Group understands exactly what their clients need. This means not only will they ensure the candidate is qualified for the job. But also that they have the correct tickets and licenses to work on the project site.  Our labour hire company will go a step or two further to ensure your workers are the right fit for your company. Tailoring their service to suit your specific requirements and companies’ needs.

A Labour Hire Company Who Looks After Their Staff Is Generally a Good Indicator

A good labour hire company cares for its staff. The most important asset to any company is those who work for it. A labour hire company is no different. Labour hire companies who look after their staff including offering them a competitive and fair wage and appropriate allowances. Are more likely to have reliable, appropriately qualified workers on their books.

Proper Candidate Placements

Top labour hire agencies will have already interviewed and vetted their applicants’ qualifications and skills. This allows them to offer suitable roles to their candidates, that truly reflect their ability and experience. Their expertise enables them to place them in a position that will be a good fit for both the candidate and the client. Confident that the worker will be reliable and appropriately matched for the position.

Health & Safety Focus

A good labour hire company ensures that the employees working for them have adequate training and adhere to the correct OH&S protocols on site. As well as appropriate Personal Protection Equipment to ensure their employees are safe in all working conditions. They will also work with the client to ensure their workers have correct industry induction before starting any position.

Regular Contact & Feedback to Ensure Candidate is the Best Fit for the Role

A quality labour hire company will consistently seek feedback for the candidates that they place in your firm. By doing so they can truly understand whether what they are doing for your business is working out effectively. If it is not they will then be able to remedy the placement by finding a replacement. Or re-evaluating the role completely to ensure the prospective candidate is a good fit for your organisation.

Expertise in Your Industry

Your chosen labour hire company should have specific industry expertise. By understanding your industry they will naturally be able to understand your business and the daily challenges it faces. This will result in ultimately a better service for the client. Here at Chambers Recruiting Company, we have years of experience working with Employers and Employees in the Labour Hire field. Allowing us the industry experience to supply you with the best person for the job. Whether it’s Permanent or Temporary, visit our Employer Request Page to begin your Hiring Process. Or contact us for any further questions.

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