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Your Staff is Your Business

The decision of putting on an employee is perhaps one of the biggest choices an employer would make. Whether it be your first full-time staff or someone on casual hire the process of putting on staff is very important. I have made a check list of 3 do’s and 3 don’ts on recruiting someone. First things first, a bit of background of my experience of being an employer. I started the construction game young commencing a carpentry apprenticeship at 17 then going into starting my own business at 20. The first day I put someone on was a very nerve racking experience. Doing the maths trying to figure out how putting someone on would fill the demand of my work load whilst also being worthwhile for increasing profits! I quickly learned the rewards whilst also the challenges of putting staff on. Due to the value of my experience as an employer I have gained a passion in the recruitment industry stemming from my experience of employing…

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